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How To Decorate Your Home Using Natural Elements

Are you thinking redecorate your house using beautiful home furnishing decor elements? Check out these photos below to find different ideas to redecorate your living room, bathroom and dining room. In living room you can use wood and woven finishes as neutral stuff like your living room furniture can has nice wooden chair beside nice sofa in baby blue color with nice driftwood work as nice coffee table in middle and you can also add nice wispy beach grass between your chair and sofa to give you neutral touch in your living room. With nice easy steps you can turn your traditional bathroom into very contemporary bathroom by adding neutral touch by using nice wood slab counter top, ethereal wallpaper and reclaimed mirror, these wonderful combination will give you fantastic bathroom with nice simple neutral touch. You can recycle glass bottles in simple way by using it as nice vase for green plants to decorate your living room in neutral way with green color. So check out these different ideas that can help you decorating your house with neutral elements in easy way.

Green Design Ideas

Green has always been known as the most relaxing color ever; it reflects a peaceful feeling wherever it is added. That’s why people totally relax and enjoy sitting in gardens, because green surrounds you everywhere, and to bring that amazing feeling to your house, try adding the color green into your interior design. This post shows you amazing design ideas that include the color green for the perfect look. Since the living room is the place where you relax at home, then green will be perfect for it. Green sofas look great, and you can add a plant beside them and a wall portrait to complement this great mood. Green is also an amazing choice in bedrooms; you can add green curtains, bedding, or cushions for this comforting accent in the room. Adding a plant for that green touch in any room will make a decorative touch that is really nice. Having a green wall in your kitchen along with a green plant and some green decorative items makes the kitchen wonderful and peaceful. Green counter tops or green backslashes also look amazing and brighten the kitchen. Just feel free to add the color green in any design in the house.

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Practical Hallway Interior Design Inspiration

Because the hallway is the first thing that you see when you enter in the house, it shouldn’t be neglected or forgotten while decorating the home. If you need some inspiration to decorate your hallway, check out this fabulous hallway design inspired by the nature and the spring sense.
The beauty of this design is actually coming through its simplicity; it is not depending on too much furniture or sophisticated details, in fact this design is an example for how could cheap ideas turn a boring place into a stunning one. This hallway design is based on colors; its lovely colors are the major element creating this joyful &springy feeling. A perfect combination between white and green tones is used to add a charming natural look; wallpaper and rug are main green elements besides some decorative accessories, the rest of the design is equally simple; two simple racks hanged on the wall are looking chic and offering a nice space for some storage. The simple console is also offering another space for storage besides a surface for decorative items. Notice that some small accessories are adding more charming look to the place like the green lighting vase, the ladybug vase and the fresh flowers. This small hallway make you feel that you’re about to enter in a peaceful springy world full of harmony and cheeriness.

 Image result for home decoration ideas

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