Fabric Decor Tips

Modern Decorating Tips With Using Fabric

Do you want turn your house to new look in easy way without big efforts? Don’t worry today we will help you to turn your lovely house into something new in easy way with simple things. You can use fabric panels as headboard for your bed in easy way; in photos below you can see how you can use fabric pieces by stretching them in three rtist’s canvases and then hanging them behind your bed, they will give to your bed nice look and refresh your bedroom. If you don’t have enough money and want your chairs have new look , you can add nice slip cover for seat and upholster the back of your chairs with this way you can have new chairs without spending lots of money. Also patterned bliss can turn your sofa in your living room into something fantastic with its beautiful colors yellow, brown, shades of green and rust made from cotton fabrics, with this piece of patterned bliss you can mix between modern and traditional style in easy way. Also if you have nice lamp but you get boring from its drum shade, you can keep your lamp base and change your drum shade with nice modern fabric has same pattern of your pillows , it will give your lamp new look in easy way. So here in photos below you can find different ideas of using fabrics to update your house in easy way, hope to enjoy.