Small Decor

Smart Small Space Solution

When we live in very small interiors, the most important thing that we need is any additional space; additional space is always required in interior designing, let’s see how can we create some spaces using smart ideas to benefit from each meter in our tiny apartments. One of those smart ideas is to transform all your interior walls into storage; by turning walls into cabinets you will have a big additional space for storage. The space under the window is often forgotten, but you can use it as a practical space to store all your kids toys in a kids bedroom for example. Never forget the stairs; they are perfect to be transformed into drawers. And if your bedroom is very small, why don’t you create a place for storage inside your bed? Of course under the bed is an excellent space but I mean also the head of the bed which became used as a storage cabinet as well. Loft beds will never stop to be the excellent choice for small kids rooms, in addition, in very tiny apartments loft beds are used to benefit vertically from the space; it can be used in a studio on top of the living area for example.
A lot of interesting ideas will amaze you in the pictures below, try to copy the idea you like according to your space and design.